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Unidentified flying object

Fire goes out of the bottom and flies

When I am hot and burn

Something protruded

It is ンーンカメ

One gull is two

I do a thread call

A big wave comes over and

I aired laundry

It is a crocodile ooh ooh

One big dumpling

Ride a small dumpling

If I scatter three beans

A bud appeared from one bean

It is a bear ooh ooh

I like round rice cakes

It swells out if I bake it

I already want to eat two

Already eat two; kana

It is cunning person setup がれ earthworm with a smile

It is an umbrella if hot

If it is dark; a peephole

Pain しけりゃ air hole

It is an ear, an ear, an elephant

A large gull and small gull

The inverse gull came, too

I will skip rope very much

Small; let's skip rope


The oden is a big drawstring purse


I cannot exclude the false cancer, too

I do not forget the quail egg either

A なーべー pig

Put a watermelon on the dish

Live on four peacefully

It is eight addition

Two people changed into a spoon

Scissors scissors crab

After all it is two a dumpling

It is strawberry one smartly


A lot of buds appear once again

A ちゅーちゅー mouse

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